Getting There


There are very few night buses that run in Oxford, for Oxford Brookes Students there is the NU1 and NU5. Those that have a Brookes Bus Pass can catch an NU1 or NU5 night bus for £1.00.  During semester time they run from 00.05 til 02.25 Monday – Saturday

NU1 Timetable
NU5 Timetable



If you are hailing a Hackney Cab between 22.00 and 06.00 there is an initial charge of £2.50 for the first 53 meters.  This then increases by £0.10 every 125 meters and £0.10 after every 19 seconds of waiting time.

An average fare from Gypsy Lane to Oxford City Centre (1.7 miles) would be about £7.00
An average fare from Oxford Rail Station to Oxford City Centre (0.7 miles) would be about £4.60

Some mini cabs may be cheaper, and if there are four or more people sharing, it is likely that a cab would be cheaper than the bus.